Karina Savaryna

Karina Savaryna

Wrote a book about unsuccessful pregnancy planning.

I'm 36 and have written a book about infertility and five years of pregnancy planning.

I was not able to get pregnant, and now, when I write these words, I am also “NOT PREGNANT”. This is the title of my first book, and at the same time, these are the scary words that have always been very difficult to say.

On the cover of the book is my belly, inside is my story written from diaries.

My book is comic, tragic, real, painful, sometimes funny and very frank.

For whom did I write it?

For myself, because I have not found a word about this topic in any book in Ukraine.

For the girls with whom I sat in long queues at the gynaecologist offices with a longing in my heart.

For those who know such girls.

For those to whose families something unpredictable has happened and the word "infertility" hangs in the air.

Thank you for your support!

Каріна Саварина - Невагітна

Frank, sometimes funny, tragic and painful, this is a partially fictional autobiography about a young woman who is trying to become a mother. Five years of pregnancy planning turns into a complete horror.

It tells in first-person the story about visiting doctors, medicine-men, fortune-tellers and psychics. It describes the double life she and other people that she knows follow in social networks. It follows her thoughts about adoption, medical operations, artificial insemination, and her emigration to Montenegro and return to Ukraine.

When you finish reading it, you may want to read the book again because unexpected twists and turns are hidden in the plotlines.

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